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Truth: The final chapter
Octavia felt a rush of cold air nip at her fur, and immediately didn’t want to be outside. It wasn’t that she regretted her decision to have this talk, it’s just that she wasn’t much of a cold-weather pony. Octavia much preferred the heat of the summer; the warm breeze caressing her frame.  A wistful sigh escaped her lips as she locked eyes with Lyra, who looked much the same of a child who had just gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She wondered what she walked in on.
“Hi.” Lyra muttered, trying to act as pathetic as possible.
“Hello Lyra. I understand you wish to speak with me.”
“I… yeah. I guess there’s some things we need to talk about.”
“Oh? Are there now?” Octavia could near the sniffles in Lyra’s words and she wasn’t buying any of it.
“I… well, yes.” Lyra stuttered.
“Well, then, let us hear it. I would not want to take too much of your time.&
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Sequence: Misery is Company
              “And then I said, ‘What, you want me to sit on it or something?’”
            Laughter roared from the six ponies seated in Twilight’s house.  The purple unicorn looked around and smiled. It had been a rather trying couple of weeks. Even now, despite a smile, Twilight could see a soul-crushing sadness behind Applejack’s eyes. Her mouth turned down a ways as she refocused her attention on Rainbow Dash.
            “Yeah, Spitfire is definitely on the Dash-Train. But who can blame her? A lot of ladies are.”
            Twilight’s breath caught in her chest as she was pretty certain there was a prolonged eye contact between the pegasus and herself. Rainbow Dash smiled as she moved her eyes to the rest of the ponies in the room. Twilight swallowed a lump in her throat; she needed to calm down. There was no time in her life for… whatever this feeling was. And now certainly wasn’t the time to go exploring her mi
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Sequence: Perfection is Torment
Applejack grimaced as she looked out of the library's front window and through the town. Her eyebrows furrowed in frustration as she pulled her hat off of her head and wrung it through her hooves.
"A little worried?"
Applejack jumped at the sound of Twilight's voice. A million thoughts swirled through Applejack's mind; Twilight's voice fading deep into the abyss. She had completely forgotten the unicorn was even in the room, despite the fact that it was her house. It was a moment that AJ had been anxiously awaiting for months, years it felt like. Her stomach turned and twisted itself into knots. She could almost see those blue eyes…
Once again the earth pony jumped. She tore her gaze away from the window and forcefully met Twilight's worried expression.
"No worries, Twi. Ah'm alright."
Applejack ignored the look Twilight shot her and pretended she didn't hear the short sigh come out of the unicorn's mouth. Applejack's eyes were fixated on a building she couldn't even see.
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Mature content
Truth: Part Eighteen :iconshawnay631:Shawnay631 20 48
Mature content
Truth: Part Seventeen :iconshawnay631:Shawnay631 22 37
Truth: Part Sixteen
Vinyl slowly crunches on the freshly fallen snow, the soft landing of her hooves the only sound resonating in the large mountainside. Quiet, the snow stealthily finds its way to the ground. The sky is coated in a deep, dark grey. The clouds swirl within themselves; tickling the white tips of the distant mountains. She doesn't quite know where she is, all she knows is its cold and she came with a group of ponies that have long since disappeared. She feels alone and scared, as if everypony else abandoned her when she needed them most. As if she was having a fun time and suddenly there was darkness and nopony at all. A fleeting light burns out within her chest; she feels the coldness consume her whole. Vinyl shivers; she has a terrible feeling.
Ahead of her path, Vinyl sees a large wooden bridge. She trots over towards it, eager to get away from the swelling feeling of panic in her chest. Surely there has to be somepony nearby. Surely somepony has realized that she is missing and scare
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Truth: Part Fifteen
"Well, you look happy this morning."
There was a long pause in Vinyl's kitchen, wherein Vinyl was doing anything but listening to Lyra. The mint unicorn's irritation showed.
"Vinyl… Vinyl."
"Huh? Oh, hi Lyra. Didn't see you there."
Vinyl's eyes furrowed. She didn't want to be broken from her reverie, especially if it was only to say hello to Lyra. Lyra scowled and stepped close to her white counterpart, trying to keep her attention.
"Why do you look so chipper this morning? Mornings aren't really your thing, you know."
It took all of Vinyl's self-control to not roll her eyes. She always got really sick of Lyra telling her about herself like she didn't know. Her irritation washed away quickly, though, as she remembered why exactly she was in a good mood on such a chilly, grey autumn day.
"Just in a good mood, is that okay?" Irritation laced Vinyl's words in spite of the imploding levels of happiness she felt inside.
"Well yeah. I mean, I'm not telling you you can't be happy.
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Truth: Hearts and Hooves Day Special
"No. No, no, no, no. N. O."
"Aw, come on Vinyl, why not?"
"Because Hearts and Hoofs day is DUMB."
For the third time this week, Vinyl and Octavia were standing in the kitchen, making dinner, and arguing. It wasn't the kind of arguing that would send children running to their rooms, but rather the kind of arguing that could be put on a television show, with the best argument winning ten thousand bits. Octavia tried to hold in a smirk; Vinyl was kind of cute when she was stubborn. Kind of. The white DJ sat at a seat near the kitchen table, her back against the wall. Octavia stood at the stove.
"I don't understand why you won't let me get you anything." Octavia said, cutting some carrots.
"Right, because, me telling you not to do something has stopped you SO MANY TIMES IN THE PAST."
Octavia turned around, unable to hold her smile. It proved to be contagious as Vinyl's face broke into a wide grin as
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Truth: Part Fourteen
Careful with this one guys, she gets a little... saucy! -Torch
Vinyl felt herself stir from her deep, happy sleep. Her eyes were about to creek open before she slammed a forehoof over the top of them to prevent it.
Alright Vinyl. Two things could happen when you open your eyes. Either A, you're going to wake up in your bed and realize that everything you thought happened was just a dream, and you're a crazy pony for even thinking you were brave enough to say anything to Octy… or letter two, Octavia is laying next to you after you told her you liked her, giving you a false sense of accomplishment in your bravery and an even falserer sense of her maybe sort of possibly liking you back, even though you know damn well she's in love with Frederic. Are you willing to take that chance?
Vinyl laid completely still for a moment, turning her options over in her mind. If Octavia was in her bed, that meant that everything she thought had happened, had indeed happened.
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Truth: Part Thirteen -Edited
"Vinyl? Are you awake?"
A muffled, sleepy grunt came from under a dark purple comforter.
"Vinyl? Are you up?"
The comforter groaned again. The longer grunt had anger laced within it's lack of syllables.
"You sound awake."
"Why ASK me if I'm awake if I look like I'm sleeping still?" Vinyl spat into her pillow. She was unsure if her irritation was at Lyra or her sudden lack of being asleep. She assumed the former.
"Well, you could have had your eyes closed but been awake."
"Or... or I could have been SLEEPING." Vinyl sighed and pulled the blankets off of her head. "What do you want, Lyra?"
"Well, I want to talk."
As Vinyl pushed herself to an upright position, she noticed her mane was matching its electric color with its style. She shook her head and almost perfectly, her mane sunk down in a classic Vinyl 'do.  The DJ cast a hard glare towards Lyra but felt the ice melt off of her heart a bit as she took in the sight. A layer of guilt washed over her as she saw a nervous look p
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Truth: Part Twelve
A soft murmur filled the small, somewhat dingy, college auditorium.  Ponies filed in slowly with still plenty of time until the show began. Vinyl and Octavia sat only a few rows back, on the right side of the stage. Vinyl hadn't seen too many plays in her day, she never cared for them. They were always so boring and hard to follow. Not only that, but it was a miracle if she could sit still for more than ten seconds. But the persistently growing, excited energy emanating from the room was too much for her to remain apathetic towards. That, and with Octavia sitting to the left of her, she was doing whatever she needed to to remain calm. The seats had only a thin arm rest between them, and Vinyl had to focus to keep herself from leaning into her beloved.
There was a set of metal steps on the stage, leading up to a metal over hang. The over hand stretched backwards into a walkway, wherein it circled around to yet another over hang, this one with a ladder underneath. It reminded V
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Truth: Part Eleven
The sound of Vinyl's hooves marching on the thin carpet in the next room were enough to drive Lyra crazy. She was laying on Bon Bon's bed, curled into her fillyfriend's chest. Bon Bon was staring dreamily at the ceiling with one hoof loosely draped over Lyra's back and the other propped under her head.
"I wonder what Vinyl is so eager about." Lyra said with an edge in her voice.
Bon Bon awkwardly shrugged, not hearing Lyra's change in tone. Sometimes Bon Bon's apathy was enough to make Lyra want to scream.  She was so innocent minded, so careless. Didn't Bon Bon see that Vinyl was in the process of ruining everything? For once, couldn't Bon Bon open her eyes and see what was right in front of her? She was so content in her little world that she didn't really care to see the picture outside of herself and Lyra. It was like she had two modes: work mode and other. Other being the one where she doesn't know anything about life. Not that Bon Bon was stupid, no not at all. She was
:iconshawnay631:Shawnay631 15 15
Truth: Part Ten
Vinyl Scratch found herself at some sort of party on a beach. The sun was setting, coating the normally blue sky in a deep orange. The water below soaked the colors up as if they were its own, making it seem like there was a lake of fire. There were ponies everywhere. Some she recognized as bartenders from gigs she had played. Some she hadn't seen since she was a filly in school. And she could have sworn she heard Pinkie Pie's manic laughter somewhere in the distance. The lanterns surrounding a large patch of grass sparked on, casting a white glow onto anypony that was near. Scratch couldn't help but feel like there was someone watching her; it was starting to freak her out.
"This sure is a nice party, isn't it Vinyl?"
Scratch jumped but immediately recognized the voice and smiled.
"Sure is Octy!"
Vinyl turned around and confirmed that Octavia was behind her. Scratch scrunched her face; Octy looked different somehow. Her lids were half lowered and a sly smirk was on the grey mare's
:iconshawnay631:Shawnay631 16 28
Truth: Part Nine
Vinyl Scratch and Octavia slammed yet another round of empty shot glasses on the table in front of them, alcohol slashing onto the counter making it sticky. Octavia felt the warmth of the alcohol slide down her esophagus while the enticing aroma of spaghetti and daises wafted through the entire house. She swayed in her chair, watching Scratch from a mere six feet away. She felt more comfortable in Vinyl's presence than she had been with anypony else in a long time. There was something about Vinyl that just made her feel at home, feel welcome, feel… safe almost. She liked being around Vinyl. Vinyl didn't get weirded out when she wasn't a perfectly proper mare. Octavia didn't really have a lot of reason to want to leave her side. That could have just been the alcohol thinking for her, though.
Scratch was in slightly better shape than Octavia was. Not to say that she was totally sober, but she had a little more body weight to absorb the green apple poison they were consuming roughly
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Truth: Part Eight
Vinyl loved her house in the way anypony would love their house. It was her home. The place where she went after a hard day and hid away from anypony she didn't want to see. The familiar blue siding and jet black roof was a symbol of safety. After a long night of work, she would look forward to those crème colored window sills and her beaten up drive way. It was the finish line at the end of a race. It was beaten and old, sure, but she loved it all the same.
Right now, though, the very sight sent a shiver up her spine.
She stole a look at Octavia who had no doubt pegged exactly which house belonged to the white unicorn. Her lavender eyes no longer looked wild but instead quickly tried to absorb every corner and nail of the house. Vinyl sighed.
"Well. Here we are."
"Is it just coincidence that your house is the same color of your mane?" Octavia teased.
"Hey! My mane is WAY cooler than my house. Not that my house doesn't reek of the same kind of awesomeness that I do, but it's not A
:iconshawnay631:Shawnay631 17 20
Truth Part... Now. :iconshawnay631:Shawnay631 30 28


Tegan Quin Singin w Against Me :iconjjrrs:JJRRS 122 86
Colloquium (revised and edited)
(revised and edited)
"It truly is a lovely night, princess."
"Mmm. Indeed, it is. Then again, my sister has always been quite the artist."
"I don't know how she did it. Billions of stars, the entire sky--and she filled its entire expanse. If I'm not mistaken, then I'd say we're right under Monoceros, Canis Minor... And, ooh! There's Gemini right there!"
"Still as adamant about the cosmos as ever, are we, Twilight?"
"Of course. You remember when I was a filly; all the mornings you found me passed out underneath the castle's main telescope, using my sketchbook of poorly-drawn constellations as a pillow."
"Or all of the nights I caught you in the process of attempting to sneak into the observatory. At the time, your constant habit of staying up until the crack of dawn became somewhat infamous within the guards. And, if truth be told, I may or may not have allowed you get away with it once or twice."
"How scandalous, princess!"
"Haha. All for the greater goo
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Pony Icons Page 5
DAMMIT! I knew I'd run out of room eventually. Ah well. Another page it is.
This page has Rarity, Applejack, and also guess stars Celestia and Luna. (Mine as well use up the space I guess)
Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie
Fan Favs
Background Ponies
Extreme Icons 2
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Here's some stuff to read, my little creepers.

Call me Torch. I write stuff. VinylTavia and Bubbline are my OTPs. I also ship Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig because Reasons. I find it hard to finish projects sometimes, which is partially due to my perfectionism.

"I hate everyone and everything is stupid to me." - From Clerks 2. It's probably one of the single most self-descriptive quotes ever.

But I try to be one of the nicest motherfuckers you'll ever meet.

That said, if you want to get to know me, just ask! I will answer just about anything. Besides, y'all on dA are cool cats. Let's be friends, kay?

Yes I know the feeling, know you're leaving

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 26, 2013, 10:21 PM
Truth is done. Well, it's done for now.

For all of you guys that have stuck with me since the beginning, I appreciate your support and your criticisms. I appreciate you guys liking this enough to continue reading it and, on some occasions, promote it on your own page. I appreciate those of you who say I've inspired you somehow.

You all mean the world to me. Honestly.

But Truth isn't dead! Truth, in it's current form, is still raw and largely unfinished. In the long term, Truth isn't done. For right now, the last of it has been written and posted.

I want to focus on Sequence now. I've got a few chapters left of that. It's going to be six parts, plus an epilogue. It is kind of heart-wrenchingly sad. I hope you all give it a shot, as I am pretty proud of a lot of the aspects of the story. But some people don't like sad stories. And that is okay! I will get back to happy stories eventually.

The moral of Sequence is... wait, you know what? I'm going to let you all figure it out and share my intent after it's all said and done.

With my current state, though, it'll be much easier to channel sad, depressing, hopeless feelings. So hopefully Sequence doesn't take as long to finish.

I also have a lot of random notes saved on my computer. I want to try to branch off and challenge myself. So if you don't see VinylTavia right away, don't worry. I just want to try to work within the confines of other characters.  I hope you all are willing to stick around. Your comments have helped me quite a bit, after all.

Thank you so much for sticking around. Truth isn't dead. Sequence is kind of neat. And I'm not done writing.


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